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Modifying the TinyMCE Toolbar


So that Joomla authors and editors have just the right level of toolbar options for their needs, the TinyMCE Editor has three levels to choose from:

  • Simple
  • Advanced
  • Extended

Whichever level you choose, the setting will be applied globally across the website.


Altering your TinyMCE toolbar settings

To select the appropriate Toolbar, and therefore editing functionality for your website, you can change it by going to:


1  Plugin Manager>Editor-TinyMCE 2.0 (or whichever version you have)

2  Now left click on Editor-TinyMCE 2.0 and on the RH-side of the page go to:

3  Parameters>Plugin Parameters>Functionality

4  In Functionality, choose the level you require and click on Save 


The next time you edit an article, you will see that the toolbar options will reflect the selection you've just made.

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