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Why you might get a 404 Error


If you've just designed a new Article (like this one) and saved it, you might be excused for thinking you can now go straight to your browser, and enter the URL defined by the Alias field, for example www.villageinternet.co.uk/404errors.html (do try this link) and hey presto!


However, all you will get back in your browser screen is a 404 error. So why is this?


Menu Entries

Basically, the article needs to be seen as part of a menu. So, the simple workaround is to make sure you have your article defined as an entry in a Menu somewhere.  It doesn't matter which menu, as long as it's a menu. And if it you want to add an article but not have it show up any menu whatsoever, see our FAQ on 'Hiding menus containing readable articles'





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