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Setting up an email account in Outlook Express


This section describes how to set up an email account in Outlook Express. Although it can be used by anyone wanting to set up an email account, it's primarily designed to show you how to set up a Village Internet 'Prestige' or 'Personal' email address.


Task 1 - Begin  by opening 'Outlook Express'


Task 2 - Start by clicking on the Tools tab and from the resulting dropdown, click on Accounts





Task 3 - The Internet Accounts panel will now be displayed. Now click on the Mail tab.





Task 4 - Click on the Add button followed by Mail.. 




This will now bring up the Internet Connection Wizard shown below... 



Task 5 - Now enter your name. As the message box tells you, your Display name will be automatically entered into any emails sent from this particular account and will be seen by the recipient.




 Click on the Next> button to continue... 


Task 6 - Now enter your Village Internet email address you've chosen




 Click on the Next> button to continue... 


Task 7 -  Now that we have the basic identity of your email account sorted out, we now need to tell your computer then name of the Intenet servers where you ask if you've received any emails , as well as where to send any to other people.


TIP 1 Always use POP3 unless you really have a good reason not to

TIP 2 The incoming mail will always be mail.v-i.co.uk

TIP 3  We recommend that you use the Outgoing mail (SMTP) server setting available from your broadband supplier. For operational reasons this will normally produce the best and most reliable performance, although mail.v-i.co.uk is there for your convenience if you need it.




 Click on the Next> button to continue...


Task 8 - Now that your computer knows which Internet server your incoming emails can be found, you now need to logon to your private account by completing both the Account Name and Password given to you by Village Internet.




 Click on the Next> button to continue... 


Task 9 - Now you should have the folowing Congratulation screen displayed




Task 10 - Click on the Finish button to continue...and start using your account Smile

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