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 E-Ten User Guide


Control Panel Logon

E-Ten accounts are accessed from your Control Panel which can be accessed by typing the following URL into your browser:

  • http://cp.file-servers.co.uk


You will then see the following screen, where you're prompted to enter your Domain Name and the Password provided in the 'Welcome Email' from Village Internet:



Control Panel Features

Once you've successfully logged on you will see the Control Panel displayed:




The Control Panel then allows you to manage the following features:


  • Add and Delete email addresses
  • Forward your emails to any another address
  • Change your email account password
  • Send an automatic message in response to receiving an email by using the 'autoresponder' feature


To manage each feature, simply click on the thumbnails displayed in the Control Panel and you'll be given clear instructions on what to do next. And when you've finished all you need to do is 'logout'.



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