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Email Addresses and the Data Protection Act

Over the past few weeks I have received a number of emails that have contained in either the 'To:' or 'Cc: fields what must have amounted to the complete contents of the sender's address book!

Interesting as it is to see everyone's email address, it almost feels like you're eavesdropping and you shouldn't really be looking at them. Many email addresses may have been given with the presumption they would not be revealed to all and sundry. If on the other hand, people have been asked in advance if it's OK for you to advertise their email address, or as part of a social group or similar they're happy to have it revealed, that's fine.

To be on the safe side, if you want to send an email to a large group we suggest you either set up a Distribution List or enter the individual email addresses into the 'Bcc:' field. 

In Outlook Express, you can reveal the 'Bcc' field by opening a New email, clicking on the View tab and then clicking on All Headers.  If you've not come across it before, 'Bcc' stands for Blind carbon copy and effectively means that everyone's email address will remain hidden except to the sender and each recipient.  Simple but effective.


(extract from Village Internet Newsletter of 3rd August 2009)

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