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Disk Cleaning Service

Firstly a question? Would you take a black plastic bag, full of letters and papers containing personal, family or business information to your local tip without shredding the contents first? We think not. But how many of you dispose of a PC or laptop totally unaware that sensitive data may still be sitting on your hard disk drive?


Even if you think you'be been careful by 'deleting' individual files, you've probably left data behind that can be retrieved from the hard disk by someone using some very simple spying software. Amazingly, files that may have been deleted in the dim, distant past may still be viewable many months later if they haven't been overwritten in the meantime.


Why doesn't deleting work?

When you delete a file, you simply delete the directory that tells Windows where to find the file. Windows won't allow you to see the files again, unless of course you ask it to Undelete them. And how could you Undelete your files unless the data is still there on the drive. We rest our case. 


And if you needed any more convincing...


This is the empty screen that Windows XP shows you when you've deleted all the files and folders on a hard disk drive But by using a data analyser to look at what's written on the surface of the 'empty' hard disk, we can still see information

So how do we clean a hard disk?

Village Internet uses specialist software that overwrites the complete face of the disk using one of two methods - US Standard DoD 5220.22M and 'All Zeros'.


The most stringent method uses US Standard DoD 5220.22M, and which includes three separate passes over the entire surface and writing unintelligble data patterns each time. The second method - 'All Zeros' - which is probably adequate for most users, simply erases  the existing data and overwrites the disk with a continuous pattern of '0's. And for the technically minded, when using the 'All Zeros' method everything will get erased - all files, the FAT table and the MBR! The disk drive will end up as clean as the day it came off the production line. And anyone using spying software will now see... NO DATA, just lots of meaningless '0's!




Can I use the hard disk again?

One a hard disk drive has been shredded, it can of course be re-formatted and used again. Afterwards, the option for most of our customers is to either:

  • Send the disk for disposal confident there's no data on it
  • Re-use the disk
  • Sell the disk


Who would want my data anyway? 

Especially in times of recession, there are a growing number of people who will resort to exploiting your data as they become increasingly desperate. This could then leave you open to identity theft, or unauthorised access of bank accounts on a personal level, through to any number of opportunities when it comes to business information. In both cases the list is too long to contemplate. However think of it as akin to someone coming in through your front door uninvited and then reading through every piece of paper you have in your home or office. Not a pleasant thought!


How much does it cost to shred a disk? 

The cost is £20+P&P for the basic 'All Zeros' overwrite.  For a drive cleanied to the more stringent US Standard, the price is £30+P&P and reflects the additional time the process takes - even a 40Gb hard disk could take up to 3 hours. We think this is a very small price to pay for your ultimate peace of mind. For an additional £5+P&P, we can also reformat the disk after shredding using any file system of your choice, so it's ready to be re-used. 


 In fact if you wanted to safely dispose of the complete PC through Village Internet, we may be able to clean the disk drive for FREE if there is sufficient residual value in the PC In any event, we believe this is a service you simply cannot afford to ignore, either as a responsible business owner, or on a personal basis wishing to protect yourself and your family.


And for your reassurance... 

Every hard disk drive cleaned by Village Internet will have the following label attached. This gives you confidence of knowing that all data has been removed. It will also say to anyone contemplating spying on your disk, that  they're wasting their time even looking...






Give Village Internet a call to find out more about how to clean your hard disk or safely dispose of your PC.

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